Outpatient medical practices are often faced with the challenge of how to best survey their patients.  Making this challenge even more perplexing is the myriad of options available in the absence of inpatient HCAHPS-like regulations and guidelines.  Is CG-CAHPS the best option?  What about e-Surveying with an online vendor?  Should we just write our own survey and distribute it ourselves?

The route you choose to take will have a profound impact on the type, and functionality, of the data you get back from respondents.  Begin with the end in mind (credits to Dr. Stephen R. Covey).  If in the end you want actionable, meaningful, versatile data from a validated, condensed survey tool coupled with qualitative and insightful comments, then the PATH is the right path for you.

The PATH is a patient perception survey designed to provide medical practices with valuable intel on what it is like to be treated within their own clinic.  Initiated by researchers at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, this survey gauges the key aspects of the outpatient experience.  From access to timely appointments to maintaining good health well after the office visit, the PATH survey includes those crucial aspects that stick in the minds of healthcare consumers.

With the input and guidance of medical practice consultants and field experts, Clearview 360 is proud to announce the launch of the official PATH tool which features 23 quantitative questions, 10 demographic questions and one comment section to collect qualitative feedback.  Along with yielding actionable data, the PATH also provides an insight into what patients think, feel and will share with friends, family and on social media.

The PATH also satisfies the survey requirement towards the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) certification.  Evidence provided by the NCQA confirms that practices with the PCMH certification also experience an improvement in quality of care as well as a decrease in costs.  While the NCQA only requires that outpatients answer survey questions regarding Access/Timeliness of Care, Communication, Care Coordination and Whole-Person care, the PATH survey satisfies an additional 10 domains without increasing the length of the survey.  This reporting versatility has been statistically proven and is available only through the PATH offering.

Clearview 360 is prepared to issue the PATH survey via email, tablet and paper distribution methodologies.